Ab/Ex uno disce omnes...............from one person learn all people

Chef Walter Potenza is the progenitor of Truth in Dining Rhode Island, an altruistic Consumer Advocacy Network designed to safeguard consumers against deceptive and unreliable food sources. The prevailing assumption by numerous food establishments that the average consumer possesses limited culinary knowledge and can be easily swayed is pervasive. However, contemporary consumers are notably more discerning, informed, and technologically connected, thereby possessing a heightened culinary awareness.

Implicit in the operations of food establishments is a moral obligation to deliver precisely what is presented on their menus and unique boards. A menu, in essence, constitutes a contractual agreement wherein an establishment commits to providing the items as listed, accompanied by supplementary information encompassing health recommendations, nutritional details, and comprehensive insights into the historical, geographical, and territorial aspects of the offerings.

Given that consumers willingly expend financial resources for the acquisition of services and goods, they must be reciprocated with transparency and a gratifying gastronomic experience. This proposition is particularly relevant in Rhode Island, renowned for its delectable restaurants and diverse ethnic cuisines, thereby presenting an opportune moment to elevate the prevailing culinary standards.

Food establishments in Rhode Island are cordially invited to align with our network, emphasizing a collective commitment to truthfulness and consumer well-being.