Culinary Specializations

Throughout my professional trajectory, I have assumed ownership and operational roles in approximately twelve restaurants since the 1980s. The majority of these establishments were distinguished by their focus on historically rooted dining experiences. I posit that an understanding of the historical evolution of food and past cultures is paramount in the contemporary reinterpretation of culinary practices.

Outlined below is a compendium of offerings, each meticulously researched and executed, encompassing diverse culinary epochs and traditions, including the Cuisine of the Roman Empire, The Cuisine of the Middle Ages, The Cuisine of the Pre-Columbus Era, The Cuisine of the Renaissance, Jewish-Italian Sephardic Cookery, Cucina Abruzzese, Diabetes Cookery, Celiac Cookery, the culinary practices of the Savoy Dynasty, and the Mediterranean Diet 21, a Lifestyle Programs for Health & Wellness, tailored for implementation in corporate environments and healthcare centers.

Although my endeavors have shifted away from restaurant operations, the wealth of knowledge accumulated through these experiences is invaluable. Presently, our focus has transitioned to offering educational classes on the aforementioned culinary topics within our cooking school. Furthermore, we actively engage in presenting these topics to diverse national and international trade arenas. This transition seeks to inspire and edify others, mirroring the enduring passion that has fueled my own journey in the culinary realm.

Master Chef (3 X), (1) Cappello d' Oro, (2) Toques Blanches d' Honneur, (1) Knight for the Savoy Kingdom and The Montenegro Republic. Walter M. E. Potenza

Ab/Ex uno disce omnes...............from one person learn all people