Brief encounter

Ab/Ex uno disce omnes...............from one person learn all people


There is a constant, recognizable thread in the career of Walter Potenza to elevate the level of Italian culinary culture in the United States. Besides his unquestionable culinary talent and winning business perspective, Chef Walter has been a relentless educator with passion and knowledge who defeats stereotypes. His life, career, and values are a model, an example to follow, by any chef of Italian gastronomy working outside Italy. A native of Abruzzo, Italy, is known as one of the most passionate and accomplished practitioners of traditional and historical Italian cooking in the nation.  

Chef Walter appears regularly on National and International Networks such as Food Network, ABC, CBS, NBC, RAI, FOX, and Publications such as NY. Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Food & Wine, Saveur, Gourmet, and several Italian media outlets. 

Gastronomic and Culinary

Expert on Health + Wellness Cuisine, diabetes, celiac, and related topics 
Expert on the Cuisines of the Sephardic Italian Jewish Heritage 
Expert on Terracotta Cookery from the Etruscans Empire
Expert on the Pre-Columbus and the "New World Cuisine"
Expert on Historical dining from the Roman Empire to Italy's Unification
Expert on Regional Italian Cuisine and Mediterranean basin


Ambassador of Italian Gastronomy by the Italian Government 
Awarded "6 Stars Diamonds by the "American Academy of Hospitality Sciences" New York
Portonovo Award Recipient, Italy
James Beard Recipient, New York
Emmy Award Recipient for Television
Chef of the Winter Olympics of Salt Lake City, Turin, and Vancouver
Master Chef by Association of Professional Italian Chefs, Italy
Master Chef by Academia Barilla, Italy
Republic of Savoia Cavaliere (Knight) for educational contribution to the culinary world, Switzerland


Director of Chef Walters Cooking School USA - Abruzzo, Italy
President of "Chef Walters Fine Foods "Specialty Food Manufacturing."
President of the "The Culinary Council," R + D Consulting Agency 
Director of Italian Food Artisans Food Promotion + Placement the USA
President of SIMVAL Communication + Marketing USA. 
Director of Mediterranean Diet 21, Corporate Health + Wellness 
Podcast Host "Flavors + Knowledge" and Sapere I Sapori
Television Host of "Flavors + Knowledge" Cooking Show
Retired Restaurants (12) owner and Chef operator


Cookbook "Federal Hill" the flavors of the Italian colony
E-book "Federal Hill Sweets."
News you can eat 24 Newsletter.
In the process of releasing "19 Ghettos," the life and the foods of the Jews in Italy after the Inquisition."