Walter Potenza.........a noble artisan

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”



Through my career, I have had the pleasure of owning and operate a dozen or so restaurants. Most of them specialized in historical connected dining. I believe that the history of food and past cultures are fundamental in the re-interpretation of today's cooking. Below a list of some of the offerings which include accurate research & execution of the Cuisine of the Roman Empire, The Cuisine of the Middle Ages, The Cuisine of the Pre-Columbus Era, The Cuisine of the Renaissance, Jewish-Italian Sephardim Cookery, Cucina Abruzzese, Diabete Cookery, Celiac Cookery, and the Mediterranean Diet 21 Life-style Programs for Health & Wellness in the Corporate World. All I can tell you is that it kept me very occupied, but the knowledge accumulated is priceless. Today, we no longer operate restaurants but offer classes on the topics in our cooking school, and present them to national and international trade arenas hoping to excite others, just like I have been for so very long. Walter


Ab/Ex uno disce omnes...............from one person learn all people