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About the foundation


The Children’s Diabetes Foundation was established by Chef Walter Potenza in 2005 in Providence as a non-profit organization dedicated solely to the support of diabetes in children and to provide the best possible educational cooking programs for those affected by the disease. The Foundation’s mission is to raise funds to support the Chef Walters for Children's Diabetes Foundation. Chef Walter has type 2 diabetes and manages food education, regular exercise, and minor medication.

Chef Walters Children's Diabetes Foundation NON-FOR-PROFIT #05-045-3691 (Opera Providence 95 Hathaway Street, Providence Rhode Island 02907, and 16 Jerome Road, New London, Connecticut, 06320). Also, NON-FOR-PROFIT in Connecticut.

Director Dott. Robert De Robbio Rderobbio@hotmail.com


Donated proceeds are applied to absorb the cost of cooking classes for children. Classes are free to the participants. Children's Diabetes classes are held at Chef Walters Cooking School in Cranston, Rhode Island. Offered three (3) times per year. Classes are included in the school's cooking class calendar. Children's enrollment certified by child's physician.

For more details contact carmela@chefwalter.com